Thursday, August 1, 2013

Salmon, Greek Pasta Salad, and Crepe.

The other day I made maple salmon, greek pasta salad, and crepes for dessert.  If you click on the links it takes you to the page where I got the recipes from.

For the salmon and the greek pasta salad, I did exactly what they mention on the recipe.  Here is how it looked after it was done.

For the crepes, I also followed the steps on the recipes to make the actual crepe, but then I filled it with strawberries.  Then I poured a little bit of Nestle's La Lechera Dulce de Leche, and a little bit of powdered sugar.  Added to that a bit of vanilla ice cream, and it was just heaven!!

You can really get fancy with the crepe and put inside it whatever you want.  Substitute the dulce de leche with Nutella for example, and change to a different flavor of ice cream.  Put strawberries and bananas, or just bananas.  These are great even with salad inside, or anything you can think of really.

Now I kind of feel like going to the kitchen and making some crepes, but I just ran out of strawberries.  #damnit haha :)

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