Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Doll hair - fixed !!

I had seen many posts on Pinterest where people fixed their dolls' hairs.  I always wanted to try it and see if it worked... so I tried it.  And it worked.  :)

The idea is to spray the doll's hair with a mixture of fabric softener and water.  Then you brush through the doll's hair as if it was your own hair.  It's like a hair detangler for dolls.

I used a Victoria's Secret splash bottle that's about 8 oz or so.  I rinsed it well and then I put 1 tablespoon of fabric softener and filled the rest with water.  The original recipe said 2 tablespoons, but I had heard some moms on their blogs say that this was too much and the softener smell became too much.  I thought I'd use 1 tbs and then increase if needed.  1 tbs was enough, and worked well.

This is my daughter's Rapunzel before:

And this is Rapunzel after:

Now Belle was a little more damaged.  I think her hair was just lower quality than Rapunzel's  (which makes sense, since Rapunzel's hair is magical and all that *jk* ;-)

This is Belle after:

I put them both side by side.  You can tell that Belle's hair was still a little brittle, but at least I was able to brush it into her original hairdo. 

This is one of those Pinterest things that actually works, and I'm glad I tried it.  We all know I'll have to do this again about 237 times before my daughter learns to be careful with doll hair, but for now it will do.  :)

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