Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hair: simple garden-fairy look for girls

This morning I was looking for something to do to Sofi's hair.  She was having a big hair day and didn't want me to brush it (she can be a diva at times haha).

I gathered these flowers which I bought at H&M (you can find them here) a couple weeks back and a butterfly that my mom got her. I think the butterfly is hand painted and made in Cuba, and my mom bought it on one of her recent trips.

I picked up her hair and arranged the flowers so that one was slightly above the other diagonally. The butterfly fit perfectly on the top left corner.  If you look at it, the three clips are making like a triangle.

This is what the finished hairdo looked like.  I think it's girly and great for summer, and very easy to do.

You can pick different types of flowery clips, with different butterflies and try different combinations.  This would look really cute and give a garden/fairy look to your little girl's hair.

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