Sunday, July 21, 2013

DIY Incense Holder

If you need to light an incense and can't find the incense holder, there is a very simple and mess-free solution to make your own incense holder.  This was not intended as a replacement for the regular holders, because honestly they are very cheap and they look prettier.  However, one day I couldn't find my incense holder and this was just something I came up with as a hack to get the job done.

The only thing you need is a dish washing sponge similar to this one:

Then you need to wet the sponge but make sure you squeeze all the water out of it.  The reason to wet the sponge is so that as the ashes fall down, they stick to the sponge and it makes no mess.

Put the incense into the sponge, and instead of placing it slanted as you would with a normal incense holder, place it straight up.  I put a piece of paper towel under the sponge because I didn't want to put a wet sponge directly on my wooden table.  If the surface where you place the sponge is water friendly then you can skip the paper towel.  The final setup looks like this:

As the incense starts to burn, the ashes start to fall on the sponge:

I left this incense burning and came back to it way after it was fully burned.  Usually with my other incense holders, there is always ashes on the side because the AC hits it and since they are so thin, they go everywhere.  On this case, no mess:

Then you just take out the little wood stick, and rinse the ashes on the sink.  The sponge takes no damage and since incense ashes don't stink your sponge won't get icky.

Simple, mess-free way to be able to light an incense when you can't find the incense holder.

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