Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nerd Alert !!

Reading makes you responsible for the character's fate...

Before I started reading the book, reaping hadn't started.
As a matter of fact, if I had never started reading, reaping wouldn't have happened.

But I read.  And couldn't stop.
And then I had to keep on reading, to get them out of their mess.

Now they are ok.  No tracker jackers, no hunger, no Capitol.
Just a train, and the family back home...

So if I don't read anymore, they will be safe for ever.

But I will read, and get them in trouble ONCE again...

I'll promise to read fast enough, to get them back to safety ASAP.

<Opens Catching Fire>

Friday, February 10, 2012

Decoding the xq's

¿ Por Qué ? --> Why?

¿Por qué no fuiste al trabajo hoy?
Why didn't you go to work today?

Porque --> Because

Porque estaba muy enfermo.
Because I was very sick.

Por Que --> For Which, similar a "Por lo cual"

El motivo por que se comporto de esa forma todavia es un misterio.
(El motivo por el cual se comporto de esa forma todavia es un misterio)
The reason for which he behaved that way is still a mystery.

Porqué  -->  noun, means "reason"

No comprendo el porqué de tus acciones.
I don't understand the reason for your behavior.