Sunday, September 18, 2011


Life is a crazy bitch that has mood swings a lot more than once a month. It throws at you things that you are supposed to deal with "gracefully and maturely", meaning "without looking like a complete idiot that really has no idea about what's happening and how you got there in the first place".

When it all goes wrong, you start to realize that you are surrounded by special people. Those people don't tell you it's gonna be ok necessarily, but somehow they make you feel like you can handle it even if it gets worst. 

The "specials" stick by you giving you everything they have (be it psychological support, material goods, or financial backup), during times when you have nothing to give back... from any of those categories.

Then one day things start to fall into place, and while looking back at the messy times you realize that there is no way you could have stayed sane without the "specials". 

They are crazy, loud but sometimes too quiet, some are shy, some are too outgoing, some are funny, some are like made of crystal, while others don't mind getting dirty. They are sometimes more insane than I could ever be. Some don't drink, some drink so much they end up puking... gracefully. Some are looking for love, some are looking for inner peace, some look for money, some for anything that helps their own life get out of the bad times.

However, in all their organized mess, they still somehow helped you go through all of yours and come out clean. So to my "specials", I say thanks. For the late night talks, for the girls night outs, for the lunches and breakfasts, the many baby showers you had to attend, for the trips, for my awesome gifts in many occasions, for being amazing to my kids, for always picking up the phone, for having good taste in clothes and shoes so I could borrow, for liking my brownies, for making me lol all the time, and for telling me no when no needs to be told.


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