Friday, September 9, 2011

Bloodlust at the END !!!!

Fight Mechanics:

  • Configuration:  2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps.
  • This is a two boss encounter (Sofia and Joni), and the fight ends when their energy bar reaches 0.
  • The energy bars are NOT shared, and Joni's bar is smaller than Sofia's
  • Bloodlust should be saved for the END of the fight, because at this point you will need all the help you can get.

You must dps Joni FIRST.   Joni's energy bar is smaller than Sofia's.  Also, once Joni is down the following will happen:

1.  Sofia will no longer cast Immitate… which makes your fight a lot easier to deal with.
2.  Since all your dps will be concentrated on Sofia, she won't go into a Boredom Enrage.

Both Bosses have the ability Annoying Puke
If anyone from your raid gets hit with this either from Sofia or Joni, they must STOP CASTING.  Just go away from the raid until the debuff runs off, and then join the raid as before.

Rare Quietness:
During Rare Quietness, Sofia  and Joni will start to play with each other.  When this happens, everyone stop dpsing.  Since this can be a long fight, you need this time to regen mana and recuperate, so that you can continue on.  After Rare Quietness ends, both bosses will cast a random ability, so you must be prepared.

Sofia's Abilities:

At random intervals during the fight, Sofia will start to imitate all of Joni's abilities.  To counter this, have at least 4 dps on Sofia during Immitate, and have heavy heals on your tank.  Pop all cds at this point.  As soon as at least 4 dps are on Sofia for at least 30 seconds, Immitate should stop and the boss encounter can continue as before.

Occasionally, Sofia will fixate on a member of your raid.
The member that gets fixated on must immediately run to Sofia, or else everyone in the raid starts to stack a debuff that inflicts shadow damage.  This requires heavy heals, and even though you can heal through it, it's unnecessary damage.

Boredom Enrage:
If too many dps are concentrated on Joni, Sofia will go into Boredom Enrage.  She will put a debuff on your tank, and a tank can't take two Boredom Enrages in a  row, so after this ability happens tanks MUST SWAP.  It's unknown how many dps are required in order for this not to trigger, you must improvise at the time of the fight.

Joni's Abilities

This is usually cast when the fight starts.  Joni will start to do an AOE damage that will eventually wipe your raid.  However, Ferocity will go away if you just quickly feed him something from your bags.  Just assign a dps to deal with Ferocity, and a back up in case this person happens to be dealing with Sofia's Fixatitis at the moment.

Dreamer's Scream:
When Joni's energy bar hits around 30%, he will go into a state called Dreamer's Scream.  He will target a random member of your raid, and this person will get hit for around 40k nature damage.  If this person doesn't run QUICKLY to him, he will continue to target random raid members, and the damage inflicted goes up by 40K each time.  For this reason, is imperative that the FIRST person targeted, runs to Joni as soon as possible. 

The fight is a VERY complicated fight, because there are no predetermined phases.  Abilities are cast at RANDOM, they can interchange without a specific time limit, and sometimes new unknown abilities may happen.  If not dealt with properly, they WILL wipe your raid.  Again, good luck with this fight. 

Note:  This fight contains NO LOOT !!!!

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