Monday, August 29, 2011


Step 1:  A baby shower invitation arrives in the mail.

Step 2:  Is this invitation to a baby shower of a woman that my husband knows?

Step 3:  If "husband" doesn't know "woman", skip asking.  RSVP for 1 person and go alone.

Step 4:  If he knows her, ask yourself, "how much does he know her??"

Step 5:  If he has met her once or twice, RSVP for 1 person.

Step 6:  If he has met her many times still RSVP for 1 person.

Step 7:  If he has met her and her husband, and LIKES her husband, ask him if he wants to come.

Step 8:  If he has talked about them before on a conversation that he started, it's almost safe to RSVP for 2, but ask anyways.

Step 9:  If he usually invites them to places, RSVP for 2.

Step 10:  All other situations, it's pretty safe to RSVP for 1.

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